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Serotonin is a professional services agency and product studio specializing in companies both native and new to web3. Founded in 2020 by Amanda Cassatt, Serotonin leverages expertise in crypto, DeFi, DAOs, and NFTs to enable companies to build the future of the internet. Serotonin’s marketing agency and recruiting services have helped partners like Polygon, Layer Zero, Decentraland, World of Women, Filecoin and Protocol Labs in addition to household names like Sotheby's, Vogue and CAA.

In addition to marketing and recruiting services, Serotonin has created an in-house product studio that builds and launches web3 software companies. In 2021, Serotonin launched its first product, Mojito, the leading platform for NFT commerce and community engagement, followed by the second spin-out in 2022 of a tax compliant hybrid cash and crypto payroll service, Franklin.

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