Amanda Cassatt

Amanda Cassatt

CEO & Co-Founder

Amanda Cassatt is the Founder & CEO of Serotonin, the leading web3 marketing agency and product studio. Amanda is also co-founder & President of Mojito, the first venture to spin out of Serotonin. Mojito is an NFT commerce suite that is the top choice by Sotheby's, CAA, and major brands for engaging in d-commerce on web3. Amanda is also the author of Web3 Marketing, the world’s first book about the marketing and positioning of decentralized technologies.

Amanda is a notable web3 product builder and master marketer who has helped bring some of the leading blockchain companies to market and advised global institutions on how to adopt NFTs and crypto.

From 2016 to 2019, Amanda brought Ethereum to market as the CMO of ConsenSys, supporting its growth to become the largest and most robust blockchain ecosystem. Prior to joining ConsenSys, Amanda co-founded media startup Slant, which she launched after working under Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post where she learned about the challenges for creators in web2 that she would spend her subsequent career addressing.

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